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Passionate about loving and healthy relationships, Reverend Gayla Crum is eager to make your day the most memorable...


Gayla Crum is qualified for unions, weddings, and any other special events.  Also specializing in health and wellness, relationship and premarital counseling services are offered. Along with spiritual healing and wellness to help ease you through the stress of preparing for your big day

Reverend Gayla Crum


I was blessed to be introduced to Twelve-Step recovery as a child and continue to grow through spiritual principles.

My mission is to remember, practice, teach, model and express Oneness in the world.  I have fulfilled many dreams in my first 50 years.

  • Being a mom of three brilliant young adults and wife for over 20 years

  • Being an Administrative Assistant in the corporate world for 25 years

  • Becoming a Unity Minister in 2012 and interfaith chaplain in many prisons, hospitals and mental health facilities

  • My passion is healthy families with strong core values such as compassion, forgiveness and empathy.  I believe we all have a responsibility to balance self-care and be of service to others on this sacred journey called life

  • I have prayed and meditated throughout my life and I believe it is our gateway to connection with our One True Source (Many names)

  • I  practice nonviolent communication and believe acceptance, inclusion, harmony and joy are our birthrights and are possible in every community

I have come to Eureka Springs, Arkansas (another life-lone dream fulfilled) in September 2018 to listen and grow with others.  Heart & Soul Connections is many years in the making as a safe place to create meaningful retreats and workshops. I am honored to facilitate weddings, celebrations of life, a variety of sacred rites of passage, and support committed individuals in their exploration of Spiritual Direction.  

We all have unlimited choices and potential in our lives.  Peace is Possible! Together we can!

Namaste (The Light in me greets the Light in you!)


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