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Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Gayla Crum is an individual whom I have known for more than half of my life, which is why I am creating this post in honor of her and all of her work. When I was younger, Gayla was a second mother to me, she was such a joy to be around and interact with, and is always filled with kindness and compassion.

After I heard Gayla needed help with her growing business, I hopped all over the opportunity to help her and get back in touch, it was then that I was reminded of how much I loved her. The fact that Gayla is starting her business based on her passion and kindness, is something that I have yet to see in anyone. She truly believes in what she is doing, and will do anything to make sure her clients are happy.

She is not afraid to develop a deep personal relationship, which connects her and others on another level. I believe that if you had to have anyone for health, wellness, spiritual direction, or a wedding officiant, I would choose Gayla Crum. She will create a deep personal experience, which is rare for others within this industry, and would rather work one on one to ensure each individual gets the most out of it possible.

Gayla Crum is one of a kind, full of love and kindness she wishes to share with the world...

- Alexandra Kibilko

Website Designer

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